At Midnight Financial Group, our mission is very simple – to act as the premium finance expert for the most successful advisor agencies around the country and their valued clients.

We firmly believe that we are most valuable when working with an exclusive network of focused advisors. Our advisors understand that to implement and manage these sophisticated premium finance strategies they need a team dedicated to this market. This is what we do, all day, every day.

Our Values

01 Exclusive

We don’t try to be everything to everybody. Instead, we only look to work with those firms who understand the value premium finance can play within their business and seek to work with an expert who can act as an extension of their brand.

02 Boutique Service

By offering a never-ending commitment to partner service, our advisors can spend less time worrying about the details of complex premium finance strategies and more time focusing on growing their practice. Powering peace of mind—it’s what we do.

03 Team of Experts

The heart of what we do is in building plans with the highest probability of success. We draw on our experience and expertise, focusing on design, implementation, structuring, and ongoing management.

The Midnight Process

From beginning to end, morning to night, our twelve-stage process was designed to create a smooth, efficient, and accurate process that ensures we meet our commitments and the client’s expectations.


Strategic Partners

Midnight Financial Group is proud to be the premium finance partner of some of the industry’s most successful life insurance agencies and advisors.
Our interview and selection process ensures that we are the right fit for their client’s premium financing needs. We are confident that our affiliated offices across the country would agree, Midnight Financial Group is the perfect premium finance partner.