Our mission is simple—to provide the best support and experience for our partner firms and their clients.

At Midnight Financial Group, we are firm believers in the power of premium finance strategies and the significant impact it can have on clients, their families, and their long-term wealth. What drives this belief is our firm wide commitment to providing a client experience that transcends their expectations.

With this mindset, we believe there are twelve distinct reasons why advisors choose Midnight Financial Group as their premium finance expert.

1. We’re Not Everything to Everybody

We don’t employ a mass-marketing approach. We work with a select group of advisors, acting as an extension of their office, providing the support and strategies their clients deserve.

2. This Is What We Do, All Day, Every Day

Customizing premium finance strategies do not represent a sub-specialty for us. Our team has years of experience perfecting the ins and outs of the premium finance process and ongoing policy management.

3. We’re All About Service

As your dedicated premium finance team member, we stand ready and accessible to offer the support and advice needed to implement premium finance as a core business strategy of your firm.

4. Adding Value Is Our Number One Goal

We understand that you have a choice in who you partner with. Our goal is to foster and grow strategic relationships by continually offering best-in-class support, management, and guidance.

5. We’re the Experts—You Can Leverage That

Our national network of advisor partners share many things in common. For example, all partners understand where financing can work within their current practice but they don’t want to learn all the intricacies that go along with selling, funding, and managing large premium finance strategies. You can leverage our expertise to seamlessly integrate premium finance into your practice.

6. We Can Be an Extension of Your Office

Many of our strategic partners prefer us to become an extension of their brand and their office. To Midnight Financial, this is a non-issue as we do not need to be front and center; it’s about you and your client, not us.

7. Continuing Education

As part of our efforts in bringing continuous value, we send a consistent pipeline of educational pieces and best practices that you can use in your firm and in your centers of influence. These include articles, whitepapers, quarterly comp breakdowns, monthly product ideas, and much more.

8. Access to Lenders

With over a decade of experience working with lenders, our team has cultivated an efficient and streamlined process to ensure that your client has the best financing for their insurance needs.

9. Access to Case Design

As with all life insurance planning, case design is arguably the most critical part of the premium finance journey to get right. Our team will ensure each case is structured with the optimal efficiency with the highest probability of success.

10. We Care

One thing we hear time and time again is how much we care about the outcome, both from our insurance partners and their clients. We take great pride in creating funding strategies that lead to enduring wealth for families.

11. We Let You Do What You Do Best by Doing What We Do Best

We free up your time and release you from the burden of worrying about your premium finance business. Our experience puts us in a great position to manage the objections and skepticism of your most sophisticated clients. Our comprehensive process, inclusive of multiple stress tests and a multi-point check system, helps to ease concerns before they’re raised.

12. Longevity

Premium finance is not just about completing a case. It’s about how you plan to manage it for the next 20–30 years.  This concept is not lost on us, as we are ever evolving our team and our systems to ensure that we are there when needed most.