Our 12-stage process was designed to ensure that each client benefits from a customized premium finance experience.

Just like time, each stage must be completed in sequential order to deliver the best client experience possible. Once the policy funding is complete, our work doesn’t end there. Midnight Financial Group proactively monitors each plan to make sure it performs as intended. See for yourself—our process ensures that your policy and funding strategy runs like clockwork.

A Brighter Tomorrow

12:00 | A Bright Tomorrow

Annual management of the plan with client and advisor team. Expectations are set to ensure efficiency in our ongoing interactions.


1:00 | Discovery

Initial call with advisor to discuss client and their goals.


2:00 | Design

Preliminary spreadsheet and model creation to accomplish client goals. Midnight Financial Group can suggest initial designs based on fact patterns and even help the advisor deliver the presentation.


3:00 | Feedback

Client to provide commentary on interest payments, collateral, and assumptions used. Discuss deal points on financing (personal guarantee, facility size, fixed rates, etc.).


4:00 | Revision

New design output based on feedback.


5:00 | Submission

Collect client data and financials based on anticipated bank submission(s).

Term Sheet(s)

6:00 | Term Sheet(s)

Negotiate suitable lending terms to get the client comfortable moving forward with formal approval.

Stress Tests

7:00 | Stress Tests

Now that we have an agreed plan, we recommend three stress tests to review with the team; policy performance; loan performance; or a combo of both. We suggest doing this now versus the 11th hour.


8:00 | Approval

We usher in loan approval and ensure that all documents are delivered in good order with explanations where needed.

Checks and Balances

9:00 | Checks and Balances

Our multi-point system confirms that all aspects of the deal are in good order based on the original agreement, which includes funding collateral, selecting index allocation, and much more.


10:00 | Closing

Midnight Financial Group can participate in your closing meeting and/or help you prepare for it. Closing items are also put into place, such as allocating collateral and interest.


11:00 | Funding

Wire is tracked, applied, and projections are run to set appropriate expectations for next year’s review.

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